Awake and alert

As of two or three days ago, Aislee has been more awake and alert.  Since her time in the hospital, she has been feeding almost always from a bottle.  This creates bubbles in her stomach that burping does not always help and makes her colicky and uncomfortable.  I just ordered Colic-Ease / Gripe Water, an herbal supplement that is supposed to help hiccups and gas in infants...and in larger doses, adults.  At some point, I'll pick up the belly band from Babies R'Us that is also recommended by many moms.  One of the worst things is seeing your baby in discomfort and unable to rest well.

Below is a picture of Aislee with her eyes open.  I know I sound like every other parent, but she really is cuter in person.


Aislee Reika Hada 羽田麗花(アイズリー)

Aislee Reika Hada

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