Naptime for Aislee and Dad

This photo isn't nearly as embarrassing as the one of me after I'd given birth (thanks Honey).  Here Aislee and dad are catching up on sleep.  For the first few days all of us were on the same sleep schedule. 

We had decided to use cloth diapers as they seemed kinder to baby's skin and the environment; however, at the moment we're using disposables for convenience.  At first, we were advised to use Pamper's Swaddlers for newborns, but Aislee's backside looked irritated and red after using Huggies and the Pampers.  We lucked out on finding Seventh Generation disposables.  They're made with softer material and are latex free.  The ruffle that hugs the thigh is so cute too!

If you're in need of purchasing diapers, I'd recommend ordering online through can use code: HEAL6039 to get $10 off your first order and they'll ship for free on orders over $50.


Aislee Reika Hada 羽田麗花(アイズリー)

Aislee Reika Hada

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