Changing Habits


This picture always makes me laugh, that's why I'm posting it. Super Cat!

It's interesting the habits we pick up from our parents, friends, and people that we surround ourselves with.

For example -

Throwing loose change into a glass jar or bottle.

Even after the thing filled up, I kept staring at it and trying to decide whether to take it to the change counter at the grocery store; however, that would defeat the whole purpose of saving if 10% would be taken. In the meanwhile while that money jar is growing, it isn't earning interest or being used for any good purpose. It is just sitting there, gathering dust until I find the time to roll them and bring them to the bank. So, here's what we (Naoki and I) did. We split the jar evenly. Naoki will use the change daily to pay for whatever his expenditures are, and I will sort and roll mine to bring to the bank. I've finished rolling half of it and gave my hands a good scrubbing afterwards.

Tossing my clothes on the floor.

How difficult is it to fold and place it in the drawer or hang it? It's because of this habit, my clothes piled up in different areas of the condo and I couldn't find anything. When I can't find something, I get the urge to shop to replace what I can't find. Something shiney and new always seems appealing, but my funds could be saved to invest or pulled together to get something extra special! This past weekend I bagged several articles of clothing, shoes and toys to be donated and put away all of my clothes and shoes in their proper place. It no longer looks like homeless people live here.

I realize how much better I function and feel after organizing and changing habits that help improve the way we live.

Jeanette Lee Hada

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