Lucky, Our New Green Cheek Conure!



This is Lucky, formerly Rupert, and he is a 3 month young Green Cheek Conure. This little guy has the best personality and is really energetic! I almost couldn't leave PetCo earlier today, but we had to return home to place our new purchased guppies into the fish tank before they ran out of oxygen. (yeah yeah, they're sort of cute too.). As soon as we arrived home, both Naoki and I jumped online to check the lifespan, care and noise-level of this breed of bird.

The Green Cheek Conure (which doesn't have green cheeks, go figure) has a lifespan of 25 - 30+ years with proper care, is the smallest of the Conure breeds, and makes the least amount of noise. That's not to say they don't scream or squawk - it's just not as loud.

So far, he has walked around the condo, shared a pluot, pear, and apple with Naoki, gotten familiar with his huge cage, and is now relaxing in the office. I will purchase a few toys for him tomorrow. A few sites mention that they love baths, so I might look for a large bird bath for him as well. Melanie, the one that did a wonderful job of raising him at Petco for the last month, told us not to overstock his cage with play items or let him ride on our shoulders, as he might develop dominance issues. The last thing I'd want is a spoiled and bossy bird, so we'll probably follow her advice.

Wish us luck on taking care of this sweet tiny bird!

Jeanette Lee Hada

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