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Once in a while I'll come across an truly amazing site that has information worth sharing. This is one of them! Better Skin Naturally lists common, but harmful ingredients and the reason to be cautious of them.

We are currently using a new skincare line from Japan that does not contain the harmful parabens or preservatives. So far the results have been dramatic; however, I did experience a cleansing reaction that the creator of the products mentioned might happen. I'm so impressed by the eye cream still. Prior to this I used eye gels/creams from L'Occitane, Chanel, Roc, Benefit (this one was pretty good too), and something by Perricone. Nothing, and I mean nothing could reduce the puffiness. The darkness did lighten up with some of the products, but only this Japanese paraben-free eye cream did the job. I'm kicking myself and wished I'd taken before and after shots.

Jeanette Lee Hada

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