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After visiting a handful of properties, it's apparent more than ever, that it's necessary to view the property in person and not make judgements based on the images posted on the MLS. Listing agents are either getting better at angling their shots or using Photoshop really well. I have a few friends also looking to purchase homes, some even for the first time.

One of the benefits of working with a friend who's a realtor and understands the finance side of the purchase is she's upfront about the difference between affording and qualifying. Property tax, maintenance, utilities, and other general living expenses, plus having enough to invest in either other ventures or the market allows us to expand our portfolio and make more investments.

What we're looking for -

* Preferred location: Cupertino, Santa Clara, Campbell, or certain areas of San Jose
(preferably not East Valley, South SJ, Morgan Hill, Alviso, or Blossom Valley)
* 3 - 4 plex unit
* 2 + bedroom units
* Large lot space 6500+ sq ft
* Enclosed garage for each unit or space to build one
* Away from gas station, freeway/busy streets, cemetary and/or industrial area
* Good school district
* Trees (fruit bearing trees a big +!)

Jeanette Lee Hada

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