Burned, blinded, and bitten - FUN still had!


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I've never seen fireworks as breathtaking as the ones in Japan!! Please be amazed at my remarkable picture taken with my low-res camera phone...

Tuesday and Thursday evenings were spent watching the summer hanabi/fireworks show in two different locations by the river. We had the best seats that gave us an upclose view right near the launch pad. Fiery ash and debris rained downed upon us and those unfortunate enough not to wear glasses got an eye full of soot. Naoki's camera equipment has scorch marks and we both sustained a few burns. There were also a variety of flying/biting creature near the water. Luckily I had a paddle fan to swat and smash with.

During the summer fireworks festivals in Japan, many girls dress in colorful yukatas (similar to the kimono, but in lightweight cotton fabric). Boys wear something similar or sometimes a shorter version that's paired with loose fitting short pants. They're also not as colorful and do not include the obi (wide belt).

It's lovely to be surrounded by a thousand or so people, dressed in outfits of many colors with flowers, bunnies, butterflies, and/or some other intricate design, eating an assortment of festival food (usually grilled veggies or seafood on skewers), and watching fireworks light up the night sky. The cool breeze from the river is a welcome relief from the hot humid weather.

Jeanette Lee Hada

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