Happy Belated New Years Everyone!

2007 was an interesting year of new and interesting experiences.  There was some sadness with the end of certain projects and relationships, but also lots of happiness with the strengthening of old friendships, and the meeting and making of new friends from many places. I am thankful to have my family and friends in good health, a growing career that allows me to work independently (most of the time), and most of all a peaceful life. 

I wish all of you a very healthy, happy, and prosperous 2008!

On New Year's Day we celebrated 2008 by visiting our good friend who has prepared the traditional Japanese New Years dishes for us for the past couple years.  It was a little challenging as Naoki is vegetarian and I basically eat fish (ok, sometimes I'll have chicken, but it's rare these days).

She made my favorite dessert made from fresh Fuji apples and agar.  It makes for a lovely, gelatin-free, refreshing jello.  Everything was lovely and neatly sorted in a lacquered box.  My favorite is the soup she makes flavored with kelp and filled with savory bits of dark leafy greens, daikon, and mochi (which she first toasted in the oven).  The black beans that she prepared were soft and chewy in texture and slightly sweet.  The chestnut/sweet potato was hearty and a beautiful golden color.  Her anago rolled omelet was absolutely delicious and small rounds of seasoned taro were just a few of the items there.  What a wonderful and special treat to experience every year!  Pictures to follow at http://jeanette.hada.us

Ok, obviously I'm a little obsessed with food and would love to share a few of my favorite foodie sites.  Some of these most people already know, but here they are just in case...

- This is an excellent site, where people can critique (rant or rave) about their experiences with different places they've visited.

- By far my favorite recipe site with pictures that will have those late night hunger pangs kick in.

- Another food lovers list of food-related movies

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