Lesson learned: No running in 3.5" heels

I had an informal loan consultation with a lovely couple last night.  Thankfully I was sitting down most of the time as hours before I had taken quite a fall and ripped a nasty hole in my pants.  Lesson learned...no running across the street during the rain while holding a heavy bag of Chinese food wearing 3.5" heels.  Luckily I fell on my knees instead of my stomach or face.  A very nice woman and elderly man picked me up while won ton soup ran out of my bag and off my pants.  The funny elderly man picked a dime up that was also soaked in soup and asked if was mine.  Still in shock I took it and thanked them both.  Of course, it would be my luck that I fell at a busy intersection in front of the huge window of Wells Fargo Bank which is located on the corner near my office.

This morning I woke up sore with the blanket stuck to my bloodied knee.  I think I'll invest in some flat shoes and knee pads...

I will smother my boo boo with Emprizone, an aloe based gel.  Thankfully it doesn't burn and seems to heal my injuries rather quickly.

Please note: It looks like I have chicken skin in the photo below, but those are badly bruised hair follicles. yes, gross, but true.


Jeanette Lee Hada

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