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1001 Vinegar Tips

One to two times a month our bathroom usually smells like pickles.  Sounds gross, but it's how Naoki cleans our shower and removes the lime deposit that builds up.  He soaks paper towels and lets them rest on the glass of the shower doors and fixtures.  Sure it isn't as effective as most household cleansers and bleach, but it is definitely less toxic and friendlier to the environment.

I came across a pretty cool site that lists all the uses of vinegar.  Never knew there were so many!  Enjoy!!

Gazpacho is one of my favorite dishes, especially on hot summer days! This is an easy recipe that I modify to my taste using spicy peppers, more garlic and sprouted wheat toast (instead of the stale white bread). Since this is a cold soup, you can add Phyto-Aloe powder to enhance the nutritional value and taste. Enjoy!

Jeanette Lee Hada

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