Lucky20080708-1 Lucky's new favorit place. He like to hide while I'm working at garden. Probably there's warm and he can see what I'm doing.

ラッキーの新しいお気に入りの場所です。庭仕事をしているときに、ここに隠れるのが好きのようです。多分、あたたかくて、 私が何をしているのかみれるのがいいようです。




Water Dance. New digital camera has much better movie. Thank you.


Lucky thinks if he dance on the water filter, water comes out.


ラッキー@ワキコガネイロウロコインコ Lucky stands like model. His favorite dance is water pump dance on the water filter. He is helping us to drink water by shaking his head.


Lucky's First Outing


On Lucky's first day out of the house, he visited the park next to the Adobe office. He liked being in the sun and enjoyed a lunch of sunflower seeds and bottled water. The planes flying over seemed of great interest to him too!

Ball Play ボール遊び インコ ConureLucky @ San Jose Rose Garden

San Joseのローズ・ガーデンにて。





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