Spring tea started 5/5 this year. It is about 5 days earlier than usual.

This season is very busy but we get energized from customer's happy feedback.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Gil from California

Ms. Hideko from California

Mr. Shoji Kumagai from California

Ms. S.V. from California

Ms. Kazuko Mito from California

Mr. Gu Vargas from California

Mr. Craig Bauer from California

Mr. Jose from California

Mr. Shoji Kumagai from California

Ms. Rose X Lu from California

Mr. Mohan Bethur from California

Ms. Tevy from California

Mr. H.B. from California

Mr. Kevin from California

Mr. William from California

Mr. Eric from California

Mr. Hankness from California

Restaurant Kawataro in Suzuka (Kawataro Japanese Restaurant)
Hadaseicha comment Kawatarou Japanese Restaurant

Spring tea season is getting very close. It will start around 5/6. It seems 5 days earlier than last year. Order due is extended until 5/5. http://www.hadaseicha.com/en/order/ Thank you very much, Naoki
Thank you very much for always.

We've got some more tea comment from our customer. These comment energize us for good tea.

Spring tea reservation due is 4/30. Reservation/Order page

Ms. Takiko from Kameyama-shi, Mie, Japan

Ms. Setsuko from Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, Japan

Ms. Setsuko Sugimoto

Tea Lover


I've received these comment sometime ago. I found them recently. Thank you very much.

Ms. Paula Brown from San Jose, California

Ms. K.W. from San Jose, California

Mr. Kazuo Utsumi from San Jose, California

Ms. Jeremy Frick from San Jose, California

Thank you very much,


Thank you very much.


The tea is delicious, so fresh. I switched from coffee to Hadaseicha's green tea and I have more energy and clearer thoughts.

Thank you very much,

Dear Hadaseicha's customers,

Thank you very much every years. It's getting warmer & warmer by every rains. Now tax filing is almost done.


2007 Sprint Tea Order due is April 30. I made price list with shipping weight this year.



To Order:


If you send us your comment before, you'll receive 5% discount

If you send before 4/30, you'll receive this year discount as well.


We appreciate all of your support & referrals.


Thank you very much & Best happiness,


About Us

Hadaseicha is from Suzuka, Mie, Japan. Famous place for international racing circuit. Our business is based on family business by Shigenari & Misako Hada. Naoki is first son and living silicon valley in california and maintein this web site. Keiko is second daughter and Kimono designer. Mayumi is third daughter and nurse.

Special thanks to Mannatech's Optimal Health System. We thought we are eating very healthy from our own garden with our green tea. But we feel now much more healthier with Mannatech products.

Hadaseicha's tea

Mizudashi Aracha Hadaseicha's tea is made the "Kabusecha" method. We have started selling teabags containing 100% spring tea leaves. The photo on the right shows tea brewed within two minutes in room temperature water. The photo on the left shows Aracha leaves. Aracha is not screened, so it has all leaves, stems and sprouts still intact. The flavor is richer and deeper.

We are shipping to whole seller for most of our products. The quality of tea is very different when we crop & produce. The tea season is about 2 weeks. Of cource early crop is higher grade. We take only resevation order. Then we can ship to you our best quality green tea with proud. So if you order from our web site, you'll recieve our best tea from the year!

Voice from customer

Here's our customers' voice. Thank you very much. It is the most encouragement for our business as we are making product.

If you fill out PDF file and send FAX, I (Naoki) will sent to my parents in Japan with my translation.

My parents took long time to establish the tea factory and now really proud to people enjoy the green tea.

Mr. T.A. from Mountain View, California

Jin & Eri from Tokyo, Japan

Ms. Hiro from Los Angeles, California

Mr. Grant Overstake from Kansas, USA

The green tea was very, well, green! We had never tasted anything like it before. We liked it!

Ms. Jessica from Oshawa, Canada

i love the product!! got a free sample and going to buy some.

Ms. Yukie Takahashi from California

Mr. N from California

Ms. Serena from California

Ms. Sheri from California

This tea is delicious! Its color is a beautiful jade green, and the flavor is sophisticated with a fresh leafy aroma.

Ms. Sung from San Jose, California

I love Hadaseicha's green tea. The taste is very subtle yet very refreshing. I enjoy drinking it every day. Thank you.

Ms. Zorana from California

Ms. K.M. from California

Mr. M.K. from California

Ms. Y.K. from California

Mr. P.A. from California

Mr. A.T. from California


1kg = about 2.2 lb.

Kabuse tea (Ichibancha : leaves)

Aracha Hadaseicha's best quality tea leaves. "Ichiban" means "number 1" or "first" in Japanese.

Kabuse tea (Tea bag)

Mizudashi Each tea bag has about 3g of Konacha. 1 Kg has about 333 tea bags. Place a teabag in bottled water, shake, and let steep. It will be ready to drink in about 2-3 minutes.

Kabuse tea (Konacha : powder)

Konacha is rough powder, which is made in the tea making process. It is the same grade as Ichibancha.

Note: This is not Maccha (fine green tea powder).

Limitation & Waiver

Each order is up to 3kg.

International orders are non-refundable.

Customs duty may apply, which will be responsibility of recipient.

Hadaseicha is not responsible more than customer paid.

How to order

  1. Submit form to place reservation (by April 30)
  2. You'll receive email with estimated cost.
  3. Send money by PayPal
  4. You'll receive Hadaseicha's green tea (around the beginning of June)

About shipping

Shipping will be made by EMS of Yubin (Japanese postal service). It is trackable and insured.

EMS Info.
EMS International Mail Rate

Note: Total weight will be heavier than just tea.

Reservation process

It will be following time line:
  • You can put submit reservation order any time. No obligation. No cost. You'll recieve just confirmation.
  • End of April: Order Due for spring tea.
  • Begin of May: You will recieve confirmation and invoice. You can change order. You need pay tea cost and shipping fee by PayPal.
  • Mid May: Sprint tea season start.
  • End of May: We ship product. You'll recieve in a few days.
  • Enjoy tea. Please keep in your freezer.

Reservation Order

The due date to order spring leaves is April 30. HadaSeicha is mainly selling to market. We don't carry stock for retail. This Web order is reservation order only. We take reservation, hold Hadaseicha's highest grade tea, and ship to you.

Photo Gallery

Ridable cutting machine.

It can carry max 300kg of leaves.

Old style of cutting.

Origin of tea tree at Mie.

Wild green tea tree at above place.

Tea field view.

Credits & Awards


35 years

HadaSeicha was founded in 1969. Since then our business has only been green tea. Shigenari Hada is the founder and continues to work at HadaSeicha.


Contact Us


Hada Seicha

Hada Seicha
837 Nagasawa-cho, Suzuka-shi,
Mie 519-0314, JAPAN
Tel: +81-593-71-2423 (Japanese only)
Fax: +81-593-71-3230

Contact in United States

Naoki Hada
2033 Castlebury Drive,
San Jose, CA 95116
Tel: +1-650-469-3580 (Japanese/English)

How to preserve

If you preserve in room temperature, tea leaves will be changed color after a few month. It is recommended to keep in freezer within zip lock pack and move small pack to refrigerator. Then you will able to enjoy the new tea flavor and taste long time. The reason to use small pack like zip lock is prevent to get moisture when you open the chilled pack.

It is good idea to put desiccant into pack where you keep tea leaves. But if the desiccant contains deodorant, it will absorb tea flavor also. So please check ingredient before you use.

Hadaseicha's green tea contains soft young leaves that will be burn with boiling water. It is recommented to use water around 60 degree Celsius like Gyokuro tea. And wait for about 3 minutes. Then all ingredient will be seeped.

Variety of tea

Green tea and black tea are using same kind of tea tree leaves.
Tea Unfermented tea Steamed Gyokuro tea ... Tea leaves are grown covered. The leaves are soft. The least bitter tasting. Most umami taste.
Kabuse tea ... Covered like Gyokuro tea, but for a shorter period of time. The flavor is between Gyokuro and Sencha.
Sencha ... Basic Japanese tea. Balanced umami, astringent refreshing taste.
Fukamushi tea ... More deeply steamed than Sencha. Less bitter, mild taste.
Matcha tea ... Leaves covered like Gyokuro. After dried, it is growned by a stone mill. It is used for tea ceremony.
Bancha tea ... The tea picked summer or fall. Leaves are bigger and more firm.
Fried Gyokuryoku tea ... Parched with iron bowl. A Chinese method.
Half fermented tea Oolong tea ... It is between green tea and black tea. It has good flavor.
Fermented tea Black tea ... Leaves are completely fermented. It has unique flavor.

Naoki Hada

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