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Jumping baby Aislee 麗花 Aislee really likes Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.



This fun, colorful activity gym keeps Aislee entertained for 10 - 15 minutes at a time, which is long considering many 3 month olds do not have a lengthy attention span to begin with.  Now that her focus is better and she's able to grab and kick with aim, she's enjoying it more.  The musical light-up star is triggered by movement, so when baby kicks the soft railing or tugs at the toys, a wonderful show of lights and music delights her.

Features -
• Soft Play Gym Plays Classical Music by Bach and Beethoven
• Includes Animal Pictures and a Mirror for Baby to See Themselves
• Ideal For Entertaining Babies
• Rattles Stimulates Learning
• Encourages Discovery and Self-Awareness

Just a month ago, Aislee was smaller than one of our pillows.  It's difficult to tell from this photo, but she's laying on a pillow which is resting on my lap while I try to get some work done.  Not even stretched out, she's longer than the pillow now!

Today we went to Palo Alto to pick up her portable Fisher Price Rainforest swing (pictures to follow).  There we met a 10 month old little boy who was only slightly larger than she was.  In just 1.5 weeks, she'll officially be an "infant" at 3 months old and no longer considered a "newborn". 


On the way to buy watermelon

Here's a recent photo of Aislee bundled up in her Graco carseat from her aunt, uncle, and grandmama.  We were on our way to Campbell's Farmers' Market to buy watermelon, pluots, and the best hummus from Aqui (also located in downtown Campbell).

She's growing quickly and is fluctuating around 10 pounds...still feeding every 2.5 to 3 hours.


Naptime for Aislee and Dad

This photo isn't nearly as embarrassing as the one of me after I'd given birth (thanks Honey).  Here Aislee and dad are catching up on sleep.  For the first few days all of us were on the same sleep schedule. 

We had decided to use cloth diapers as they seemed kinder to baby's skin and the environment; however, at the moment we're using disposables for convenience.  At first, we were advised to use Pamper's Swaddlers for newborns, but Aislee's backside looked irritated and red after using Huggies and the Pampers.  We lucked out on finding Seventh Generation disposables.  They're made with softer material and are latex free.  The ruffle that hugs the thigh is so cute too!

If you're in need of purchasing diapers, I'd recommend ordering online through can use code: HEAL6039 to get $10 off your first order and they'll ship for free on orders over $50.

Still sleeping... -_- zzz


aislee.jpgEvery day she looks different and is growing very quickly.  90% of my photos are of her sleeping since my hands are full when she's awake either feeding, burping, changing, or holding her.

She laughs and smiles a lot while sleeping.  These past two days she's been much more alert and taking in her surroundings.  I'll try to post pictures of her with her eyes open.

When she was still in the belly, I used to place headphones against it and play lullabyes...not the typical ones, but songs that have been converted from our favorite artists like The Cure, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.  She seems to fall asleep and relax easier when I play the same music now.

You can sample a few of them here



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