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Would you like to have any VHS(VCR) tape prefer to be in DVD format?

This is how to do with Magnavox ZV427MG9.

It is for converting 1 VHS tape to 1 DVD disc.

Recording time.

Here's list of recording time and mode for a standard 12 cm DVD-R disc.

  • HQ 1 hour
  • SP 2 hour
  • SPP 2.5 hour
  • LP 3 hour
  • EP 4 hour
  • SLP 6 hour
  1. Insert blank DVD-R disc.
  2. Insert VHS tape to deck.
  3. Fast forward VHS tape to end for checking recording time.
  4. Pick recording mode to fit in one DVD disc.
  5. Fast rewind VHS tape to beginning.
  6. Play VHS tape
  7. Push DVD dubbing button when first view shows up.
  8. Stop DVD recording when VHS tape play has done.
  9. Fast rewind VHS tape and eject.
  10. Finalize DVD and eject.
  11. Optional: Make ISO image from the DVD
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