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30 year fix loan

If you have $100,000 loan with 30 year fix rate as 7.0%, your montly payment is $665.30.

If you pay $665.30 every month, how long will it take to pay off?

360 month (30 years). You pay total $23,9510.98.

No surprise, right? We have these contract with loan company.

If you pay $100 (about 15%) extra every month, how long will it take to pay off?

247 month (about 21 years). You pay total $189002.73.30 year fix with extra payment

Surprise? I was. It is about $50K less and pays off 9 year early.

It is the magic of compound interest. If you see above graph carefully, you'll find less than $100 is paid for pricipal in the begining.

That's why it takes long time. Many people say mortage interest has tax advantage. Yes it is true. But the condition is that if you pay $3, you get back $1. You can choose not pay $3.

But I'm paying just minimum mortage and I cannot pay extra 15%!!!

Yes I know. But if you have side business or home based business, you'll have tax advantage.

It will be next topic.

BTW, if you'd like to play with graph calcurator, here it is:





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For your happiness, you must have 3 healthes. Body health, Mind health & Financial health. If you are not happy, you will be not good person and start not good thing such a war. So you must be happy. It is not optional. It is a duty.

Aug. 9, 2006 - For the first time ever recorded, Americans owe more money than they make. Household debt levels have now surpassed household income by more than eight percent, reaching 108.4 percent in 2005, according to a May 2006 study by the Center for American Progress. Consumer debt is now at a record $2.17 trillion, reports the Federal Reserve Board and consumers cashed out a whopping $431 billion in home equity last year.

Refininace or equity loan is excellent idea for some people who know what they are doing. If you are not, it may become pit hole. Because you may be seduced for spending easily. There're so many advertising to make you spend. Sales or discount must not be your reason to buy.

Before I started business, I thought my finance was fine. But after that, business expense was challenging. In many case I thought it is investment or necessary for business and bought, bud I did not used them.

But finally my expense got full control with the tax diary system. Keeping reciept was not enough. Downloading credit card transaction record was not enough. I needed to feel pain when I use money and think about if it is worth. And also review process was really important.

There are so many tax advantage for business oweners, because they wrote the tax rules. Good news is that you can be business owner in home based business. All W-2 income earner should have any kind of home based business and use the tax advantage.

Goal is saving/investing your 50%+ of AGI (adjuested gross income). If you do that, how long will it takes you get out of all debt and financial free? Most of the case 10 years to be debt free and additional 10 years to be financial free. If you think you want to be, just search as "Home based business tax advantage" on google.

That's I started organizing after I listened Stever Buller's live presentation 3 times. Now I'm in action and can help others. At least 7 people started around me in past 1 month. Steve Buller's presentation is available in DVD, but I cannot find on online store now. When I found, I'll update this article.


Detail of quated story:


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羽田直樹 マナリリーフ寄付金@マナフェスト2006

I'm still in Fort Worth, TX for glyconutrition business seminar. This is my 3rd year.

Today's main event was life change experience story and asked for donation for MannaRelief, which is NPO to help people who cannot afford financially with glyconutrition.

My cash donation this year was $3,000. Last year was $1000 and it was 10% income from my glyconutrition business. Business did not grow as I expected last year. Only 50% grow. I was planning 5-15 times grow. I was a little disappointed to myself, but I wanted to contribute more. So I donated 20% of my glyconutrition business income (as pre-tax) $3000.

It was my largest donation. When I was writing check, I was very nervous because I have to pay tax due in April.

But I was more excited and proud about myself same time.

If you don't know about MannaRelief yet, please check
They will be more known through 8th Wonder of World Project


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Links I use often. This page will be keep adding & updating.

Domestic and International Postage Rates

Zip Code Lookup

Zip Code Lookup (Reverse)

Telephone area code lookup (& reverse)

Office supply


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As you signed up as "independent associate" or "independent distributor", you should realize you are independent business owner.

So it is not good to just wait for what you should do to achieve your goals. Instead, "ASK".

If you ask, you get answer. There's no secret, but there's truth. If you don't ask, noone cannot answer.

If you ask me something, usually it happens as follow.

  • I have answer, you get answer.
  • I have answer, I prefer not give you answer (very rare case).
  • I don't have answer, but I know other resource (FAQ, customer service, my upline) have answer or better answer.
  • I don't have answer and don't know who you should ask. It might be very good question. Let's find out answer together.

There're some really helpful information. If you know, it really helps.

  • USPS' priority flat rate envelop ($3.85) is very convinient.
  • If you put CD or DVD with paper envelope, it costs just $0.37.
  • Dream boad works.
  • I have duplicatable system you can follow and achieve your goal.
  • Your upline wants to help you.
  • etc.

But no begging. If you like begging, yes, you can. If don't like, it is not necessary. Then, don't do that.


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