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Do you know how many chemicals in your drinking water?

Chlorine is one of them. There's about 100 different chlorine compound in the tap water. 30 out of 100 are cancer-causing agent.

So water filter is important. Good new is chlorine is easy to remove by the water filter.

Difficult one is flouride & hormones.

I heard flouride is added to San Jose city water for prevention for cavity. It seems works because my wife does not have any cavity. But it does not need to go into your stomach. It is cancer-causing agent too.

Hormone contamination is getting well known and serious. It is by hormone treatment for menopause and birth control pill. It goes to sewage and come back, because there are synthetic and difficult to break down in the natural world.

Another hormone is called environment hormone. There are not hormone, but it works as hormone in our body and confuses our body. These are from plastic products. Dioxin is famous one and cancer causing agent.

These flouride & hormones are difficult to remove completely by water filter.

Only reverse osmosis water can do. It squeeze water molecule only via membrane. So if you filter salt water, you get plain water. That how it is strong. But it is slow process and water tends to be acid side. In general it is good filter.

Lastly there's function water. Some people calls enhancement water. It is filter the water regular way and put voltage in the water.

One side is water has lack of electron, which is free radical water.

Another side water is extra electron, which is antioxidant water.

That antioxidant effect is very strong and fast. Because water is catalytic agent, and  our body is 75 % water.

I had higher back pain about 5 month. My friend chiropractor treated over 3 month and fixed all and seemed no problem. But I had pain. I was taking antioxidant supplement regularly, but it did not help the pain. But after I started drinking the antioxidant water. It gone in 1 week. I was surprised. I thought it was just for me, but my wife's knee got better too. Both of us had injured the place. 

These filter is popular in Japan. Some products are available in US too. But water in Japan is ultra soft water and water is made for the water. US water is hard water. To make it work properly, I'd suggest to use ion-exchange resin for pre-filter. It made so much different in ORP (oxidation-reduction potentials). -100mv changed to -220mv.

When you choose the water filter, it's better to check what kind of material used for electric pole. It is very simple structure but easy to get damaged. Usually decent model has 5-7 titanium plate with platinum coated and cost about $2800.

For me it worths. Best thing is I don't need to carry water bottles from Costco. Well water is heavy. You have water at home already. Just filter it.



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Do you know there's secret of success?

Any dream can be true.

Because we are a piece of creator. So we have same ablity of creation.

How can we do that?

Watch the movie called "The Secret" on DVD or bloadband internet.

And just follow. It is very easy.

I did not know some author of the books I loved there.

It is very easy to do.

But you have to be very careful what you wish, because your dream will  come true.


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