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 20090103-_MG_4760.jpg For 2008, word of the year for me was "Today is the best day of life".

If we say so, it will become. And next day we can say again, it will be better than yesterday.

If we say, we may think how should we spend time on my special day. Even we see some unhappy people some where, we don't need to care. They may be not in the best day of life. But we are in the best day of life.

Some guru said to focus on "now" and "now" is the best time of life. But I could not. When I was hungry, I was not really happy about that.

But if we are in the best of day life, we know we will eat something delicious later the day. It happens.

Another version is "today is the last day of life". We don't need to say. But if we think that is OK as last day, we may take extra step and avoid procrastination. If we take one extra step every day, some thing will be changed.

So it is my favorit word now. Try 3 days, you will see difference.

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