"Ask" anything, but no begging.


As you signed up as "independent associate" or "independent distributor", you should realize you are independent business owner.

So it is not good to just wait for what you should do to achieve your goals. Instead, "ASK".

If you ask, you get answer. There's no secret, but there's truth. If you don't ask, noone cannot answer.

If you ask me something, usually it happens as follow.

  • I have answer, you get answer.
  • I have answer, I prefer not give you answer (very rare case).
  • I don't have answer, but I know other resource (FAQ, customer service, my upline) have answer or better answer.
  • I don't have answer and don't know who you should ask. It might be very good question. Let's find out answer together.

There're some really helpful information. If you know, it really helps.

  • USPS' priority flat rate envelop ($3.85) is very convinient.
  • If you put CD or DVD with paper envelope, it costs just $0.37.
  • Dream boad works.
  • I have duplicatable system you can follow and achieve your goal.
  • Your upline wants to help you.
  • etc.

But no begging. If you like begging, yes, you can. If don't like, it is not necessary. Then, don't do that.


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