Healthy Japanese food but not Tempura


Japanese food is basically healthy. But Tempura is really not good for your health.

I know everything taste good when it is fried. Even it is fried with vegetable oil.

All vegetable oil from store is not good for your health.Animal oil is far worth.

Trans-fatty acid (saturated fat) is used to extract vegitable oil usally. Even it is not used as just squeezed, vegetable oil  (unsaturated fat) are very easy to get oxidized. Oxidized oil causes liver damage.

If you really like tempura and cannot live without it, it's better to eat once a month as maximum.

So what should I take? I heard about vegitable oil is good for you health.

I think the best way to take vagetable oil is eating with whole grain. Then it does not get oxidized.

Whole grain has life to reproduce. It is alive. You can get organic whole grains at Whole Foods.

Lastly, please remember also all processed food is not good for your health.


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