2) Heaven words & Hell words (Tsuyako49 by Hitori Saito)


Word has power. In Japanese we call 言霊 (Kotodama: sprits of word). Word you say reflects your environment and your future.

Heaven words bring you to heaven. Hell words bring you to hell.

Heaven words:
* Lucky
* Happy
* Appriciate
* Thank you

Hell words:
* Moaning, Disaffection
* Complaint
* Curse, Gossip
* Anxiety, Concern

There's system & rule in this world. If you say something good, you will have same good situation you want to say good word again.

If you say some hell word, you can cancel by saying "I'm lucky" 10 times.

So change your word. Your word is your reality.

Hitori Saito did not mention, but I believe heaven word is rich words and hell word is poor words.

If you are feeling lucky, you are happy. And you can care about other people.

Next you wish each person you meet "You will have every good thing". Challenge is 100 per day. But 5 or even 1 is OK.

The key is wishing other person's happiness.

Now you have glossy face, good smile, heaven words, wish of other person's happiness. You are right on track.


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