Happy Method: Fay-Mau-Bo! (Toastmasters humorous contest)


Yesterday we had club level humorous contest at Silicon Valley JETS

It was my first time to be contestant. I hosted area contest last year. It looks so fun. So this year I'm participating as contestant. I was 3rd place of 3 speakers. Yes, there's alwasy bigger fish. My goal was having club level contest and be contestant, so I'm happy about it.

Here's my script. Title is "Happy Method: Fay-Mau-Bo!"


How many people are happy right now?

How many people are always happy?

Being happy is not optional. It is duty for our life.

Do you think people started war are happy?
Do you think people kill each other are happy?

Justice is not reason. Because if you are really happy, you don't care small things.

So I want everyone to be highest level of happiness all the time. Not just minimum level. Not just OK level. Always highest level.

If you are not happy, I have to say you are lazy. Because being unhappy is much easier than trying to be happy. But when you use this happy method, you will be happy.

It is proven. I'm living example.

Today I'm going to share my experience with this method. It is from Hitori Saito from Japan. I listened his CD about 100 times and now I think I could implement well. It is almost brain wash, but it is in good way.

I call this method  Fay-Mau-Bo. I'm sure you've never heard. Because the name came up this morning.

It is only 3 steps. Are you ready?

First step is face. Your face must be gloss. It is not same as oily. Happy & lucky people have glossy face.

Then you need have good smile. To have good smile, you wish everyone? happiness when you see people.

It was easy for me as Japanese. Because many Japanese people have habit when you do not understand, you smile. So it was my habit and eliminated, but now I brought it back. So if you see my smile, it means I don't understand.... only sometime.

When I started smile more I noticed many people smile back. Even I was not feeling good I forced me to smile. People smiled to me, I become happy.

Second step is word. Mau is from mouth. There're heaven word and hell word. Heaven words bring you to heaven. Hell words bring you to hell. It is very simple, isn't?  Heaven words are lucky, happy, fun, appreciation, etc. Hell words are complaining, anger, anxiety, etc.
But I think heaven words are rich people? words and hell words are poor people's words. It was more challenging, because you may get some bad thought in your head.
Then you can say "Cancel". Or you can say "happy, lucky, happy, lucky..."
Key part is when you say it, it is your action. Your future will be change only from your action.

3rd step is body. Bo is body. Wear bright color cloth. It is same price when you buy. You are the flower in the life. Is there any flower has your cloth color? I picked sunflower yellow, because I like sun flower. Now you look completely different with good smile. I noticed many women smile me, if she is cute girl or beautiful lady. It makes my day until I go home and see my wife.

Last thing in body part is wear shiny thing. It was most challenging for me, because most of the shiny accessories are for girls. There are flowers & butterflies. I asked my wife and store lady "Can I wear this?". They said probably not.

I have the result related on my business. I have website. People can ask the information.

Before: It was 1-2 lead per month.

But after I?e got left hand bracelet from Amazon.com: It went up 3-5 / day.

Right hand bracelet was birthday present from my wife: It went up 15-25 / day.

Last one is my necklace. It was from street vendor. Then It went up 60-140 / day

We've got about 1400 lead and send out about 400 people who we could verify address.
It cost about $2000. But we only got 1 response. We found out my site was listed on freebie site. Freebies are just looking for free samples.

It was good experience for me. I experienced marketing possibility on the internet. Now my 80% customers are coming from internet. So it worked for me.

So this method is Fay-Mau-Bo. Do you remember now?

Do you also remember, I listed the CD 100 times. So please listen my speech at least 100 times. Then you'll be super happy.

Thank you very much,


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