Flex: "Thank You" Counter for Seikan Kobayashi's book.

I'm learning Adobe Flex. This is one sample.

How to use:

  • Click button or hit space key with saying "Thank you".
Following award & roles are from Mr. Seikan Kobayashi, Japanese best seller author's book.


  • Your age multiple 10,000 times : You will receive 1st miracle.
  • Your age multiple 20,000 times : You will receive 2nd miracle.
  • Your age multiple 30,000 times : You will receive 3rd miracle.
  • You have to say "Thank you". Not just thinking. Action is better than thinking.
  • Even you don't think "thank you", just saying is OK.
  • If you say nod good word, complaining, this counter will reset. (very important)
  • If you say "cancel" with in 10 second, the counter will not get reset. If you don't notice you said, it will reset.
  • Other people say "thank you" to you, it counts.
  • Actual count is done by god or guardian angel or something great, so you don't need to count by yourself.
So, this counter is just addition. Have fun.

Here's just counter http://www.hada.org/counter/thankyou/.


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