Greater vehicle & Lesser vehicle Buddhism


There're 2 big stream of buddhism from India.

They are Mahayana [greater vehicle] Buddhism and Hinayana [lesser vehicle] Buddhism.

Lesser vehicle was original and popular in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

The original idea is that if you become true happiness, that is good enough. So it means small vehicle is enough for heaven.

Greater vehicle one is popular in Tibet, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

The idea is even you become true happiness it is not enough, you have to help everyone. So it requires large vehicle.

Both are good idea. But there's trap in greater vehicle one. Some & often times it call sense of mission, responsiblity and justice too much.

If you reach to enlightenment (satori), you don't have doubts. So you can help others.

But if you are not, I think it's better to help yourself first. Then we can avoid the trap, which is easy to complicate with our ego.

I think small vehicle would fit for our age.

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