Seikan Kobayashi's story : Translation for Jeanette (Do what you asked to do)


Seikan-san (a.k.a. Thank You Guy) is a travel writer in Japan. He has been very interested in paranormal.

But paranormal phenomenon does not happens so often. So he changed subject to normal phenomenon as our daily life.

He found over 2000 common terms. These are not scientifically proofed or explained.

His wrote over 20 books for happy & lucky. Once his books were planed for English translation, but it was canceled. Because he cannot proof read by himself in English.

His book is full of pun (equivoque). I think it is very difficult to translate with his humor.

I brought Jeanette (wife) to his 2 hour speech in LA. All speech is in Japanese.

Jeanette understand Hiragana character only in Japanese. She said she understand Japanese more than I think.

But she did not laugh at all his speech while almost all people were kept laughing. We were sitting front row.

I felt a little not good for both. So I explained when I got his autograph.

Seikan-san asked me "Please explain her later in English". Then I said "Yes".

One of his teaching and his philosophy is "If some one asked you to do what only you can do, do it". That is following to your fate in long run.

There's some exception cases. You don't need to do or better not to do.

You don't need to do, if you were asked only for head count.

You don't need to do, if you already have another schedule.

You don't need to do, if you are asked for borrow money. But if you really feel not good by not renting money, you can rent out money.

Well, Seikan-san has over 2000 raws of the universe. It takes some times to explain for you in English. Then you and I will forget some. Writing blog will be more useful for all.

If I write 1 raws per day, it will take about 6 years. Please to be patient.

Thank you,

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