8 million gods in Japan : Understanding "Spirited Away" (Mr. Hitori Saito's story)


In old era in Japan. People said every thing has sprit or god. It is about 8 million gods.

But the time, human population was only 1 million. So every one has about 8 gods.

There're so many. Most of them don't have name or people don't know the name.

Also they don't have teaching like Buddha or Jesas. Japanese 8 million gods did not care about so much.

So when Buddhism & Christianity were introduced to Japan. Japanese gods did not care about so much. Because there were already 8 million. Another a few gods are also welcomed.

One of the famous gods are seven gods of good fortune. They are like souvenir photograph.

Buddihism was from far east India. When people and god listened the story, it made sense. So some of the ceremony were let handled by temple such a funeral.

My parents' house has 1 small Buddhist altar, 2 small household altar & 1 small shrine for fox.

But one common thing for Japanese 8 million gods are following:

1) They like clean place
2) They like appreciation

When we go to shine, we supposed to not ask favor. We supposed to report our appriciation.

There's sun in the sky. Sun give us heat. When we feel warm, it is not from sun. It is from air. Sun is love from universe. Air is our appreciation. So to recieve unlimited love from universe, we need to have appreciation. That's Hitori-san said.

There're sprit everywhere and everything.

If you want to have experience, wash & clean your toilet for 1 week everyday with your appriciation.

Most of people I know recieved unexpected income.



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