The biggest sin (from Seikan-san's story)


It is from Thank You Guy (Mr. Seikan Kobayashi)'s book.


Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832) is popular in Japan. He is introduced in school text book.

Human's biggest sin

He said "Human's biggest sin is being glum mood (or cranky mood, bad temper)". It is not starting war or murder. Because most of other thing we think it is not good is only one time. But people don't think glum mood is not so good.

Constant & influence

So it does not end. It is contagious. It will cause stress to other people. Sooner or later it will come back to you. People did something not good were not good mood. It is very common. Some people use "justice". But if you are really good mood, you don't care so much.

Just stop it

We cannot change other person. But we can change ourselves. Only we can is just stop at our place.

How to being good mood

If it is sunny day, you've got present from wife, you've got bonus from work, you ate something good at lunch time, of cource you can be in good mood.

It is beginner level.

In advanced level, you can keep in good mood.

Keep smile. Use only good word (heavenly word). Wear only bright color cloth.

Master level

Just keep saying only good word such as "Thankful" or "I'm so lucky & happy." without any reason. You can say 1000 times everyday.

If you say, your brain start looking for why you are so lucky & happy. When you find out reason, you'll become real happy & lucky person.

Then we can stop chain of sin.

Thank you,

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