Everything is good for you (from Buddha's story)


Everything is balanced and good for you.

Moon is going circle around earth. It is balanced.

If you complain about family, friend, neighbor or jobs, you are complainer. The environment is good for you.

If you appreciate around you, you are appreciator. The happy environment is good for you.

So we just create heaven or hell by ourself.

There's good news. Even you cannot really appreciate to someone or something, if you say appreciated word such "Thank you" it will work.

The reason is action is much more important than thinking.

Here's proof.

If you go to Japanese restaurant with thinking about Miso Ramen and actually order Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), which will come to your table?

Miso Ramen or Tonkatsu?

I guess almost 100% you will see Tonkatsu.

So let's start from ourself, so each person's environment will be better.

Some case it takes time, because something happening around you might be from something you did in past.

There's cause-and-effect link. But we can start good cause from now.

Thank you very much,


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