Cosmic Laws: Cause-and-Effect



I think it is from Buddha. It is simple law, but it seems very efficient learning system.happy-3

Some idea of god is automation system for whole universe.

Simple one

It is very simple. If you do something, you'll get something. That's it.

If we drink water, we may need to go to bath room.

If we go to Japanese restaurant and say "Ramen", probably we'll see ramen on table.

If we do something good, we'll get something good.

If we say someting not good, we'll get something not good.

It is very simple, isn't it? But it is getting more efficient.


This is learning system. So if we get effect more than we did, it become more efficient.

If we do 100 of good things, we'll get 200 of good things.

So if we keep do good things, we'll become better & better.

We don't need to believe. But I believe even it is not 200%, it is more than 100% like 110%.

Because if we observe rich people, their word is always good. If they are not using good words, their position may be temporary.

If we understand this really, we don't want to do something not good or say something not good.

Non Time Sensitivehappy-1

The time between cause-and-effect is not always immediately. It is very tricky.

Some effect shows up very quickly. So it is easy to understand.

But many & most of effect takes long time to get realized.

If someone was doing somthing cause cancer, it does not show up in 1 week or 1 month. Usally it takes 5-15 years.

If we did something good to help old people, we don't get effect to get helped until we get old.

How about when we die? Well most of people die sooner or later. Then what happens?

Same soul many bodies

If we born as human many times with same soul without past life memory, is this change how we live this life?

We don't know. But I think if we think this way, we can live better life.

If there's no reset of cause-and-effect, is this change our life?

It is called karma. It is including good & not good things.

Then I think it makes more sense for people's talent and disability.

I don't want to deliver idea that disabled person had karma from past life. It might be true, but we don't know.

I heard about other idea that disabled person is soul challenger to almost graduate human soul. I like this idea.

So we can respect the person as challenging person.

When we get Effect

Most likely what we have now around us is from what we did from our past.

I'm using note PC that I bought this year. I have magcup which I bought at Salt Lake City.

When we get something unexpected, it might be something we did from past or past life.

Then what we can do best is appreciation. It might be it is just we did for ourself.

If someting good happen and we appreciate, we get more good thing happen.

If someting not good happen and we complain, we get more not good thing happen. But if we understand it is good for us, we can appreciate.

We can appreciate to any one or any thing. If we are not sure to whom, we can appreciate to something great or god.


If we translate English "Thank you" to Japanese, it is "Arigatou". But Japanese often abbreviate subject. So we don't know to whom we are thanking for.

So "Arigatou" means "Thank you" & "Thankful".

Without mind

It might be difficult to appreciate something, while we are really not feeling well.

But we can just say "Arigatou" or "Thankful" without any real appreciated mind.

Because action is more important than just thinking.

Lottery winning & Car Accident happy-2

Something is not good as you think. Something is better than you think.

Many lottery winner got bankrupt.

Most of people got car accident get more mild and less ego.

Most of people get sickness get more care others.

My father had car accident and unconscious for 3 days about 10 years ago. But his body is nothing wrong and get more mild. I don't tell him, but I appreciate the accident.


Good idea is good. But practice is for all life time.


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