ALOHA sprits (Life philosophy from Hawaii)


This is learned from toastmasters friend from Hawaii.

ALOHA means:

  • A (AKAHAI) - (respect)
  • L (LOKAHI) - (cooporation)
  • O (OLOL) - (joy)
  • H (HAAHA) - (humble)
  • A (AHONUI) - (patient)

Hawaii is located between America and Asia. I think these would apply to most of asian countries.But now I think it is apply in US too.

Before I came to US, I thought US people looked not really being "humble". It is from TV show or movies, so I had bias. But I learned more and more about business and successful people.

They have the "humble" in common as well. It might be converted to "appriciation".

Well, I'm still learning these and both US and Japanese cultures.


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