Continuous laughing for your health & beauty with YouTube.


Laughing and healing power

It is getting common knowledge laughing has great healing power. Famous one is book from Mr. Norman Cousins.

With Supplement

He was used supplement, but laughing was big starter of his illness. He was chief editor of magazine. So his book was well written and evaluated well in medical industry.

Effective laugh

You can laugh any way. But I think effective one is with smile and loud one with fun feeling. You can practice, but it is not necessary.

Smaller waiste!

By laughing well, your waist size may get smaller. It is good exercise. You use lots of abs. You may even get 6 packs :)

Relief pain

When you laugh well, your brain produces beta endorphin. It is 100% safe for your body and natural pain relief.

Rheumatism is caused by uric acid crystal in blood. It will be melt when you laugh and blood pH level go up to alkaline side.

Source of laugh

Any kind are good. If you can laugh with low level humor, you are good.

Above book auther was using "Hidden Camera Show". It is popular in Japan, but I did not know the word until recently.

Thanks for YouTube

Now we can see lots of then on YouTube. You can laugh all day long all year.

Search by "Hidden Camera Show" (about 500 movies)

Search by "Hidden Camera" (about 4000 movies)

Enjoy & Thank you very much,

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