Hadaseicha 2006 order done (1st wave)


It was a little late, but I could managed to finish to process Hadaseicha's 2006 green tea order. It took longer time, because was exeeded our expectation. It is good. My parents and I are very happy.

It is 95% manual process. I can be automated some way, but it is only once a year about 1-2 weeks. Every year it got improved.

We are so happy and excited so many people will try the best green tea from our firm.

Tea season will start around 5/10 - 5/25. It is very important season. Please wish my parents to have good health condition the time and we don't have late spring frost on tea firm.

Order due is passed, but we can manage some last call order by 5/10. If you'd like, please contact us by then.
Order: http://www.hadaseicha.com/en/order/


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