Happy sleeping baby

Since Aislee was born, she's smiled and laughed (out loud and silently) in her sleep.  In her waking moments, she's pretty quiet except for crying when she's hungry, needs a diaper change, and/or is bored of being in one place. 

I mentioned to my dear friend yesterday, I don't remember having done this much laundry in my life, that goes for dishes too.  Cloth diapers are bum-friendly (when changed frequently), but it seems as though we go through up to 20 diapers for changing and wiping up daily.  At night, I prefer to use disposable so I don't have to struggle with the little plastic panty that goes over the cloth diaper.  I just placed an order on BabyCenter's store for five all-in-one newborn diapers.  They're made of cloth with the plastic liner attached and they close with velcro like disposables.  Hopefully they'll make the whole changing easier on both of us.
I've got to remember not to comb her hair to the side.  She looks like a little boy with it parted that way...


Aislee Reika Hada 羽田麗花(アイズリー)

Aislee Reika Hada

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